The Letter L

The Letter L was born in the summer of 82’…

As a child of the 80’s with roots in Chicago, he was heavily influenced by music from artists such as Michael Jackson, Morris Day, Chaka Khan, Prince and Cameo to name a few. While he has developed a signature soul sound in the same lane as the early work of Kanye West, he possesses a skill set that ranges across the spectrum of hip-hop, R&B, pop music with a funk, rock and jazz. Whether appealing to a wide commercial audience or staying closer to his Old School/Golden Era hip-hop roots, his music is a full bodied sound that provides the perfect canvas for any lyricist.

The Letter L is a beat maker and producer who has a unique ear and a mind that thinks unlike any other. With a growing beat catalog and a passion for his craft, he definitely has something for your favorite emcee to create a classic to.


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