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Daily Dose of L

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This is the third installment of a series that will review each track from Jay-Z’s new Blueprint 3 album.


Run This Town

We have all heard Death of Autotune and Run This Town. I thought D.O.A. was down right prolific. Aside from the commentary on the state of hip hop, the instrumental (I’ll call it that instead of a beat because these were truly instruments) was insane. Especially that drum break. I actually sampled that already into a song I did called Tenth. Jason is posting it as a Top 3 for October I believe (he cracks me up because he tries to save all the “good” songs–like I’m not gonna make more!).

Run This Town is a good solid track. My gut instinct is that he was trying to use it as a platform to launch the Rihanna/Kanye/Jay-Z supergroup that I keep hearing about. The problem with Rihanna’s voice is that it has a lot of nasal tones. If you feature her wailing too much (a la Umbrella) it can get annoying. Especially when the song is on the radio 89 times a day. Instrumentally, I love the overdrive guitar sound and the drums. Like I mentioned in the first part of the series, the heavy live sounding drums are a signature of the album.

In other Letter L related business: Young General is performing on Thursday night (9/24) at Debonair Social Club in Chicago at 9pm sharp. He is opening for E-Train/Atari Ferrari. The word is that there will be a lot of press so hopefully we can use that as an opportunity to further our cause.

Jason is working hard these days. He hooked up with an artist called Cause in NYC. The man is a lyrical beast. I’d be honored to work with him.

In the mean time we are grinding. Booking shows for Young G, getting new artists in the studio and always making beats.


P.S. Throw It In The Bag remix…remix of the year!

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Daily Dose of L

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We so 80’s! I remember the first time I heard Whodini. I was like 4. My dad had this song on tape called One Love. I have been trying to flip that sample for awhile now. But it’s a dope joint. Google it. He he also had a thing for Teena Marie. That’s why I am obsessed with her (See the blog from 8/28/09). It was a fun time and I was so so young. Everything was brand new. I wish I had a time machine that I could load all of my equipment in and make beats as I travel through time. Anyway, below is my dedication to the 80’s. If you see something you like, take it with you…one.



Daily Dose of L

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Good Friday Hip Hop!

“I Got Chicks Like Simone And Cala
Stay With Lip Gloss And Fitty Bag Beside Her
And Your Girl Said You Aint Ready For Me
I’m In Love So Mommy Got Me Singing Teena Marie”

Teena Marie

I was messing with some sample sets last night and I finally consciously realized what I knew all along: I’m in love with Teena Marie. Before Mariah was Mariah, there was Teena Marie. Legend has it that Teena, protege of Rick James, was the subject of his infamous Superfreak record. The woman is beautiful, she has a beautiful voice and her band is phenomenal. I always like to sample any part of the record where her band is playing and she is doing runs (improvisations) over it. Anyway, I’m about to finish this song tonight with a sample from a song called Tune In Tomorrow that’s definitely gooing to be very nice. The drums already knock so I am mostly trying to get the sequencing together. Have a fun and safe weekend hip hop!


P.S. Please youtube Brandon Marshall. My dude went ape in practice. He punted a ball into the woods!

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Daily Dose of L

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It’s 3:05am CST and I am finishing two beats. Here is one of them:


My sleep schedule is waaay off which usually means late nights and more innovative beats. I get more creative late at night. I’ve posted some useful samples for my fellow producers out there. Four snippets from Ashford & Simpson, The O’Jays, Earth Wind & Fire and David Hudson. Look to your right.

Now watch this funny a$$ video:


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Daily Dose of L

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“I’m a poet to some, a regular modern day Shakespeare,
Jesus Christ the King of these latter day saints here.”

I was extremely moved by an Eminem article that I read this weekend in Vibe called Can I Kick It. As good friends and fans of real hip hop, Jason and I bonded over Em’s first album The Slim Shady LP. I’ve been a fan of his music almost 10 years. I haven’t always agreed with everything that he’s said or done but I think he’s one of the top five lyricist to touch a mic.

1. Can-I-Bus
2. Eminem
3. Rakim
4. Jay-Z
5. Common

Anyway it’s hard not to be touched by this story. Publicity stunts, homophobia and rap beefs aside, you have to be a human being. I feel for the guy and I am glad he has his life back on track.

It’s time for me to go to the record store and stock up again. I feel like I have too many as is but I am constantly in search of something that I can chop into tiny pieces. Sometimes I don’t even want to make a song, I can just sit there for hours and play with the chops. Some people say that sampling is not real music. One of my students asked me the other day if I play any instruments. I told him that I played the MPC. He said, “Is that a real instrument?” Hell yeah it is. I could do a live show with an MPC. I LOVE SAMPLING!! Where would hip hop be without it.

I’m not going to talk about game 3.

So the big news today is that the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8 which placed a ban on gay marriage. I remember there was this other ban one time. The ban prevented blacks from using certain bathrooms and going to certain schools…I wonder how that worked out?

Kanye West has commented many times on homophobia in hip hop. You don’t have to agree with what people do but you do have to let them live.

Big ups to Obama putting people of color in high places. Congratulations Sonia Sotomayor!

The Agenda:

3pm–Quitting time
4pm–Break it down and roll it up
4:30pm–Record store
5:15–Chopping samples
6pm–Game 4


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