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Warning: If you are not a producer, the following may be really boring

Letter L Chosen To Beta Test Propellerheads Record

As I have mentioned before, I primarily use Propellerheads’ Reason 4.0 to create 99% of my beats. There are two things about this program that are unique. The first is that it is fully self contained. On most Digtal Audio Workstations (DAW) you have to buy Virtual Synthesizers or VST’s separate from the program that serve as your sound modules. Reason already has these built in. You can purchase Refills which add sounds to their modules but what they have built in the program works just fine. The second thing that makes the program unique is that you can not run any outside “thru” audio in the program. For example if I wanted to add vocals or play a guitar over my beat, I’d have to sample it and put it in the program as opposed to Recording it straight into the program.

I have been chosen by Propellerheads to beta test their new software called Record. It will allow me to bring in outside audio. Basically it gives me a lot of Pro Tools capabilities but I am still familiar with the interface because I have been using Reason for over a year.

Please don’t forget to download the mixtape over to the right.

I’ll find out on Monday if I got accepted into the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle.



Daily Dose of L

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If you claim to know anything about soul, step your game up and find out about Natural Four. According to

In 1972, they signed with Curtis Mayfield’s label, Curtom Records, and proceeded to release a string of US R&B hits, including one Top 40 breakthrough, 1974’s “Can This Be Real”. Their three Curtom LPs were produced by Leroy Hutson of The Impressions.

Natural Four

Their debut was self titled. A lot of records were before like ’95. They stopped doing it a lot, especially in hip hop. Not that I would buy ANY record by this guy, but would you buy a record called OJ Da Juiceman?

Also…ROCK THE BELLS IN 5 DAYS! And you know it’s gonna be hot because Chicago is the opening show. We will be backstage passing out CDs. Come see us if you want to network

Rock The Bells


Daily Dose of L

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It’s 3:05am CST and I am finishing two beats. Here is one of them:


My sleep schedule is waaay off which usually means late nights and more innovative beats. I get more creative late at night. I’ve posted some useful samples for my fellow producers out there. Four snippets from Ashford & Simpson, The O’Jays, Earth Wind & Fire and David Hudson. Look to your right.

Now watch this funny a$$ video:


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Daily Dose of L

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The Letter L brought The Lab to the classroom where he teaches honors reading at Franklin Middle School. The students were interested in how beats were made. L brought in his equipment and let the students get a hands on experience in making beats. Two of the students created melodies using a piano. L went to work and produced 2 tracks based off of the melodies. The tracks are named after the students who helped out. Check them out:




Daily Dose of L

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I’m sitting here staring at this O’Jays record. It’s called the The Year 2000. I got a sample from it last night. These brothers are wearing leisure jumsuits. WTF? I love soul music. It seems like that love has developed over the last year and a half since I began producing. However, I think it’s always been there but I just didn’t know it. It seems like sometimes people forget that hip hop is an extension of R&B. And I don’t mean R&B after the New Jack Swing era where hip hop and R&B were fused permanently. I mean that hip hop is the descendant of Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, Natalie Cole, Curtis Mayfield, Minnie Ripperton, Ohio Players…I love lists like these; they can go on forever and every one I name is just as perfect as the one before.

We’re trying to get everything together for the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle. Since last year I’ve had this in the back of my mind. I entered and didn’t get selected. I knew for certain one song that I was going to enter. You have to submit three. Jason never really heard of it until I told him about it for this year. This event is interesting because it’s the second time it’s come around since I began making beats. The 2009 edition basically can be a litmus test to my growth as a producer. Not to be dramatic but if I don’t get selected again, it’s basically like my skills haven’t grown in the last year.

Hopefully J will have those free drum loop packs posted for download. I always look out for fellow producers. I know how it is. Be sure to check out my favorite websites over to your right. I don’t just recommend anybody’s site.

Hip Hop Love Soul


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Daily Dose of L

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“I’m a poet to some, a regular modern day Shakespeare,
Jesus Christ the King of these latter day saints here.”

I was extremely moved by an Eminem article that I read this weekend in Vibe called Can I Kick It. As good friends and fans of real hip hop, Jason and I bonded over Em’s first album The Slim Shady LP. I’ve been a fan of his music almost 10 years. I haven’t always agreed with everything that he’s said or done but I think he’s one of the top five lyricist to touch a mic.

1. Can-I-Bus
2. Eminem
3. Rakim
4. Jay-Z
5. Common

Anyway it’s hard not to be touched by this story. Publicity stunts, homophobia and rap beefs aside, you have to be a human being. I feel for the guy and I am glad he has his life back on track.

It’s time for me to go to the record store and stock up again. I feel like I have too many as is but I am constantly in search of something that I can chop into tiny pieces. Sometimes I don’t even want to make a song, I can just sit there for hours and play with the chops. Some people say that sampling is not real music. One of my students asked me the other day if I play any instruments. I told him that I played the MPC. He said, “Is that a real instrument?” Hell yeah it is. I could do a live show with an MPC. I LOVE SAMPLING!! Where would hip hop be without it.

I’m not going to talk about game 3.

So the big news today is that the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8 which placed a ban on gay marriage. I remember there was this other ban one time. The ban prevented blacks from using certain bathrooms and going to certain schools…I wonder how that worked out?

Kanye West has commented many times on homophobia in hip hop. You don’t have to agree with what people do but you do have to let them live.

Big ups to Obama putting people of color in high places. Congratulations Sonia Sotomayor!

The Agenda:

3pm–Quitting time
4pm–Break it down and roll it up
4:30pm–Record store
5:15–Chopping samples
6pm–Game 4


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Daily Dose of L

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“I ain’t talking about the two-three
Mami in the zone like the homie 2-3
Jordan or James, makes no difference
I’m ballin the same”

I’m still recovering from last night. No, I didn’t even go out. I’m talking about that shot that Lebron James hit to win game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

I was honestly speechless for 5 minutes. That was the type of moment that defines a career. The same way they show that clip of Jordan switching hands in mid air and Marv Albert saying, “What a spectacular move by Michael Jordan.” They’ll be airing that highlight for years.

They keep comparing that to the shot that Jordan hit to advance past the Cavs in ’89. The difference is, there was no Jordan to pattern himself after. Enjoy this moment people because it’s happening before our eyes. Lebron is becoming the next. Athletically and culturally. You think Jay-Z won’t go to every Cavs v. Lakers game in the finals? You think Lebron won’t be rocking the hottest gear and showing every ounce of his swag at the post game press conferences?

The litmus test to verify Lebron’s status is the fact that I see grown men (35-40+) rocking his shoes. I saw the new patent leather color way on the red carpet. For those of you thinking that you came to this page for hip hop and your getting sports, think again because when you have iconic status in the same stratosphere as Lebron James, everything you do affects hip hop…on and off the court.

I’m in Chicago right now (Oak Park to be exact) and I am looking forward to kicking it at Jason’s tonight, maybe going to the beach tomorrow and hitting the suburbs with the family to go to a couple of barbecues.

Obviously if you take a look above,I finally got Infinite finished. I stay working on beats so more coming. I got all the software and everything to get my DJ game going so likely the first videos you see of me will be me spinning.

The next event on the agenda will be selecting the songs for and entering the 2009 Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle. Knowing Jason, he’ll probably setup a poll and have you guys vote on which three we should submit. Obviously we are going to have Eric Yoder over at Horse Drawn Productions here in Chicago put his hands on it to make it really knock. So be on the look out for that.

Have a great holiday weekend hip hop.

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