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Daily Dose of L

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Good Friday Hip Hop…in fact it’s the first Friday blog entry of the new year which means (drum roll please) it’s time for the first Top 5 Friday of 2010!

Usually I talk about something music related here but it’s almost February and I am thinking about the NBA dunk contest already. Here are my Top 5 Dunks of All Time:

5. John Starks baseline on Bulls

“Ain’t nobody in the Chi got this much face time/
Naw, not since John Starks went baseline.”

4. Darryl Dawkins Shatters Backboard

Chocolate Thunder.

3. Dr. J at The Spectrum

Something this classic is hate proof.

2. Michael Jordan Free Throw Line Dunk

There will only be one.

1. Vince Carter 2000 Olympics

I hope the guy he dunked has long since retired.


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Daily Dose of L

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“I ain’t talking about the two-three
Mami in the zone like the homie 2-3
Jordan or James, makes no difference
I’m ballin the same”

I’m still recovering from last night. No, I didn’t even go out. I’m talking about that shot that Lebron James hit to win game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

I was honestly speechless for 5 minutes. That was the type of moment that defines a career. The same way they show that clip of Jordan switching hands in mid air and Marv Albert saying, “What a spectacular move by Michael Jordan.” They’ll be airing that highlight for years.

They keep comparing that to the shot that Jordan hit to advance past the Cavs in ’89. The difference is, there was no Jordan to pattern himself after. Enjoy this moment people because it’s happening before our eyes. Lebron is becoming the next. Athletically and culturally. You think Jay-Z won’t go to every Cavs v. Lakers game in the finals? You think Lebron won’t be rocking the hottest gear and showing every ounce of his swag at the post game press conferences?

The litmus test to verify Lebron’s status is the fact that I see grown men (35-40+) rocking his shoes. I saw the new patent leather color way on the red carpet. For those of you thinking that you came to this page for hip hop and your getting sports, think again because when you have iconic status in the same stratosphere as Lebron James, everything you do affects hip hop…on and off the court.

I’m in Chicago right now (Oak Park to be exact) and I am looking forward to kicking it at Jason’s tonight, maybe going to the beach tomorrow and hitting the suburbs with the family to go to a couple of barbecues.

Obviously if you take a look above,I finally got Infinite finished. I stay working on beats so more coming. I got all the software and everything to get my DJ game going so likely the first videos you see of me will be me spinning.

The next event on the agenda will be selecting the songs for and entering the 2009 Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle. Knowing Jason, he’ll probably setup a poll and have you guys vote on which three we should submit. Obviously we are going to have Eric Yoder over at Horse Drawn Productions here in Chicago put his hands on it to make it really knock. So be on the look out for that.

Have a great holiday weekend hip hop.

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