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Daily Dose of L

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Good Tuesday Hip Hop!

It’s been some time since the last entry so let’s go ahead and get into it. First off, big love going out to Mikkey Halsted and his camp for doing the feature for Young General’s upcoming single, White Sox Fitted. Mikkey, you did your thing boy! This is the part where I wanna start quoting lines form the song but J Gar said we had to keep it under wraps until the release date. It’s a hot joint though.

I’m actually leaving as soon as I finish this blog entry. I’m headed over to the set where Young General is shooting his next video for the song Keep It Movin’ produced by myself. It’s funny because the songs that I never expect the artist to choose, they do. Then, as was the case with Young General, they take it and run with it and make something dope out of it.

I wanna talk about Interscope but that’s like G5 security clearance type stuff so stay tuned to the new and improved for updates there. As always, hip hop we love you. Chicago we love you too.


Daily Dose of L

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Hip Hop what’s good?

I just wanted to drop back in with a few words and a dope video I found.

First off, I wanted to acknowledge a milestone. As of two weeks ago, is one year old. Big shouts out to my manager Jason Garcia for making the site way more than we could have ever imagined. Marking first year are the Top 3 Songs for May that officially start the second year of Top 3 Beats of the Month.

Below is a video I found. It’s a song by Red Cafe produced by Pete Rock. Both the song and video are based on New York City street ball. With the playoffs in full swing and Summer ’10 around the corner, I thought it was appropriate to post that.

Red Cafe – Heart and Soul of New York City by K1X from K1X on Vimeo.

P.S. While we’re thinking about the playoffs, Jason bless the people with a preview of Young General’s new single called Game Time. Listen below:



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Daily Dose of L

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What up Hip Hop,

Happy Monday, I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. This is your boy Jason G aka JGAR. Its been too long since my last post. I wanted to give you an update on our progress. I have been pushing music full time for about a month now and feel like I’ve accomplished more in a month than I have in the last 6. The past month has really been a focus on organization. We are setting goals and deadlines to get projects done. Getting shows booked is also high on the agenda. Now that we have a finished product, we are ready to get the music out there and really create a solid following.

The show at Enclave on Friday was a huge success! This charity event for Haiti raised a lot of money through donations. We also got the chance to network with other up and coming artists in Chicago. We are back in the studio tonight to finish a couple more tracks for the mixtape. On Wednesday the 27th, G is performing at The Chicago Performing Arts Theater. We also have a show twice a month at U.S. Beer Co. starting in February.

That’s all for now. More updates coming soon. Check out this hilarious video on Record Label budgets.


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Daily Dose of L

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Hello Hip Hop,

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. Now its back to the grind. This is Jason Garcia by the way. Now that I am pursuing music full time, I want to give you an inside look into my progression over the next few months. I just started doing this full time as of Monday the 21st. I recently established Letter L Entertainment with my business partner. We are in the process of getting it lifted off the ground. The website design and business plan are first on the agenda.

Now that this is my career, I have been setting goals for myself, reading books, websites, etc. I want to understand as much about the biz as possible. Right now I only have one producer and one artist signed to put my focus on. I will also be signing an R&B singer, Eric J, in the very near future. My main focus right now is promoting Young General and The Letter L. General is right on the cusp of getting out there. We just need to create a bigger following with more up and coming shows.

I’m looking forward to the future and pursuing this very difficult career. Throughout the next 3 months, I will be documenting my progress pursuing my dream of working in the music industry. Enjoy the New Year. 2010 is the year. Its now or never.

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Daily Dose of L

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Good early morning hip hop…

It’s 4:00 CST exactly as I begin this blog entry in the early hours of Monday morning. I have been making beats almost every waking hour since Wednesday night. I am finally taking a moment to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I am bumping my new joint called English. Very smooth. I went all over the place on this last set. I jumped a lot back and forth from soulful to commercial. What a lot of people don’t understand about making beats is the mundane tasks required that aren’t associated with the creative process. From loading sounds, to converting files to saving (I’ve been double saving as a back up but I’m about to switch over to saving in triplicate). That takes up like 30% of the time I spend making a beat. Anyway. I have a cramp in my mouse hand.

I was in the process of sending Jason this last beat. I opened my Yahoo! mail and they have those little web news bits. They had a funny piece about the worst video games that were made into movies. Double Dragon was number one. Also on the list was Super Mario Bros. which I enjoyed. They were spot on about the DD movie, but that video game was soooo raw. I remember in like ’86, my cousin took me to the arcade (remember those?) and I fell in love with that game. First of all the music was sick. Lever to me as a beat maker to remember the music to a video game. At that time there was no game like that where you just roamed around whoopin’ ass on some hand to hand combat type shit.

Anyway…this entry finds me still waiting for Young General to finish his album….
I’m sure Jason will post some of the new ones…Jason, give the people something special for Thanksgiving.

P.S. I was just reviewing the keywords and I came across “Devin Hester Moon.” I thought I was losing it when I turned away from the computer and I saw the end of a slow motion replay during the Bears vs. Eagles game of an ass being exposed. They rank them in order of search popularity and it was like 22 on the list. I guess there was a lot going on last night.

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Daily Dose of L

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Good morning Hip Hop!

During the last year, I started doing something that I hadn’t done since about ’01 or ’02; reading The Source, XXL and other hip hop publications, online and in print. Because I consider myself someone who wants to be in the industry, I have to pay attention to what’s going on in the industry (that reminds me, I have to get Jason a subscription to those mags for Christmas).

During this past year, I have also seen a lot of names come up as “the next.” I have noticed an interesting trend. The faster these guys go up, the faster they go down. Let me clarify down: this word speaks to their Q rating: (a scale measuring the popularity of a person or thing typically based on dividing an assessment of familiarity by an assessment of favorable opinion).

I haven’t heard Asher Roth’s name mentioned in the last three months. Whereas the first three months of the year you couldn’t turn on a TV or radio or open a magazine without hearing about or seeing this guy.

Charles Hamilton started off the year coming off a dope mixtape and had a very nice single with Brooklyn Girls and its video in rotation. I haven’t heard his name since June or July.

Kid Cudi has managed to maintain his relevance although it seemed for a few weeks there when Day & Night was starting to get old and the spins were that he was losing steam.

Drake seems to be the exception here because he did blast off, although in fairness, I’d been hearing about Drake since late ’07.

There is one guy who seems to have kept some perspective and is careful to take a steady long term approach to his career. If the rule holds true that the faster you rise, the faster you fall, he has been on a steady rise this year and may crescendo pretty nicely by next summer. Not to mention his material is dope and he is soooo true to hip hop.

I am talking about Wale. That Back To The Feature Mixtape was the best album I’ve heard all year. It’s so fresh and so new, yet it’s so reminiscent of a better time in hip hop.

As a footnote, one guy who is mimicking Wale’s approach is J. Cole. However in my opinion, the jury is still out on his ability.

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Daily Dose of L

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Good day hip hop!

Bye bye Pro Tools!

It’s officially over. I am not a millionaire and even if I was I am not the type to buy a bunch of stuff just because I have the money…well there is one exception but that’s another blog for another time. Anyway, I’ve had Pro Tools for a year. I was all ready to buy Propellerheads’ Record but I realized that a lot of the things that I was trying to do on Record I could do on Pro Tools. I just hadn’t yet because many of the simple things that I could do in Reason were a pain in the ass on Pro Tools.

In theory it’s like this: Reason + Record > Pro Tools

In Reason you can make beats only. You cannot record audio. However, Reason is extremely intuitive and easy to work with. The GUI (Guided User Interface) is very friendly. But you can’t or should I say couldn’t record audio until Record came out. If you already own Reason, when you open Record, you will already have Reason inside. Pro Tools records audio but the GUI is a little intimidating and the MIDI editor and grid are tough to use.

Record Core Devices

FB Protools 8

The only reason I haven’t grabbed Record yet is that I haven’t had the money…C.R.E.A.M.

That reminds me of a story I have never told. This is how you know Jason and I are meant to be doing this in our love for hip hop:

We had an American History class junior year in high school. We had a to write a paper on the American Dream. Mine was on Wu Tang’s C.R.E.A.M. The American dream, in my opinion was that Cash Ruled Everything Around Me. Well Jason and I quickly became friend after that and for our semester history project we made a hip hop documentary. I’m gonna have to get that converted to digital and post it.

Until next time hip hop…One.

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