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Daily Dose of L

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Young General LIVE @ Enclave Friday 1/22. If you haven’t heard the buzz, click HERE to listen to G.





Daily Dose of L

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Hip Hop,

If you wanna be the best you have to practice all the time. This puts our camp in a common routine known as MixTape Mondays, Young General has to perform as much as possible to keep his skills sharp. This weekly open mic event in Chicago provides an opportunity to win money for the best Hip Hop or R&B song. It gets tough because they start at 9:30 but it ends at 2am. And not all of the acts are up to par so it gets a little boring. It is what it is.

I’m at the point in this game where…let me say this: If you are reading this and you or someone you know can rap, sing, play an instrument or is talented at all, send me a demo and let’s collab. There I said it.

I like pictures so look below…One.

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Daily Dose of L

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Good Friday Hip Hop!

I though the last Top 5 Friday would be the last one of the year but it looks like we have time for one more.

I was watching Sesame Street with my son. Before he started watching it, I hadn’t seen the show since like ’89. Apparently they have changed a lot with the times. One of those changes seems to include a regular dose of Hip Hop. I’ve heard them rap about everything from bird habitats to prime numbers. I appreciate the effort but it started to remind me of all the things that I’ve seen over the years where Hip Hop has been exploited and/or placed grossly out of context. I present to you the Top 5 Worst Exploitations of Hip Hop:

5. Parappa The Rapper

According to, PaRappa the Rapper was a rhythm video game for PS1. Released in Japan on December 6, 1996, followed by releases in North America on October 31, 1997 and Europe in September 1998, it was one of the first rhythm video games (sort of a precursor to DDR, Guitar Hero and Rock Band). While it was simplistic on a certain level, the game is remembered for its unique graphic design, its quirky soundtrack, and its bizarre plot. The game is named after its protagonist, Parappa, a rapping dog.

4. The Super Bowl Shuffle

Here’s the thing about this one. I have lived in Chicago on and off since ’84. People here loved it. In fact I remember my dad taking me to the Bears’ victory parade. However, I dare you to watch that video now without laughing. Go ahead, it’s right here:

3. The Burger King Sir Mix-A-Lot Square Butts Commercial

This falls under the “out of context” category because it’s so out of context that it’s hilarious. You’ve all seen it so I won’t post the video but come on! They’re using Hip Hop to sell burgers and fries.

2. Snoop Sells Nokia N-Gage During 2004 Sugar Bowl

I think people have forgotten about this so I might have to break out the video. I remember one of my friends saying at the time, “Snoop doesn’t usually sell out but when he does, he goes 110%…ok we couldn’t locate the video but Google it. It was a shizzame.

1. MTV

For those of you born after 1990 you should know something. MTV was strictly for rock videos. As well, before Michael Jackson, MTV would not play black music. In fact, they were hesitant to play MJ’s records altogether. This was like ’83 or ’84. Now fast forward to 2009, and they barely even play videos. The ones that they do play are almost predominantly Hip Hop or pop. When TRL (Total Request Live) was at its height, it was almost all rap videos. MTV, at one point I loved you and at one point you would not play black music (Hip Hop, R&B etc.). Now that you can make a profit, you loooove Hip Hop.


Daily Dose of L

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After completing the photo shoot for his upcoming album and mixtape, Young General wanted to bless with a few words:

Yo world what’s up, this is Young G checking in as I move closer to dropping my album and finally getting a product into the streets. It’s been frustrating as well as a blessing because most places I go, perform, battle in Chicago I feel the product I bring is superior to “most” of what I see…but still not enough people have had a chance to experience it. I took one step closer to accomplishing my goal of completing my second album this past weekend getting the photos for my mixtape/album covers done.

A big thank you to Nirup Alphonse, my photographer, and to the folks who let us use their facilities in the city of Chicago to shoot, Self Conscious located at 1021 W Lake St (with all the nasty gear and sneakers) and Eric Yoder for letting me shoot in my home away from home Horse Drawn Studios. We are almost ready, big shot out to Jason Garcia the M.B.M.B.M (Man behind the man behind the man) for helping make it all happen. We got more music, pics, and blog entries coming soon so stay tuned and check us out on facebook and!


Pic previews:

Young G 3

Young G 1


Daily Dose of L

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I took an early bike ride this morning. It was cleansing. In addition to some personal tribulations, I experienced failure as a beat maker in learning that I wasn’t selected to compete in the Chicago region of the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle. My wife thinks though that they were looking for a certain sound or people who have a huge following on myspace. Jason thought we submitted the wrong songs. I make no excuses. I have to get better. That bike ride was cleansing. Sometimes as a creative person, you need to see, hear or feel something different. The world looks different in the light of sunrise. I know that sounds corny but the spirit needs what the spirit needs.

We are going to be in the studio all weekend this coming weekend so I am going to take a break from making beats this week. Kind of like a personal hip hop revival. I spent the two hours before my bike ride studying J Dilla on the web.I was rediscovering him. I have to be honest and admit that I hadn’t heard of him until I started making beats. He died before I started making beats. Although I hadn’t heard of him, I’d heard him. I am going to keep music playing constantly to get re-inspired but I am going to keep some D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Pharcyde, ATCQ, Digable Planets and the like in heavy rotation. I am going to listen, enjoy and most importantly study. I feel a transformation coming. It may take more than this week I have planned. It just occured to me…it makes sense, I can feel the change because my birthday is this week. Thursday the 23rd…the same day as Red Bull. My sound will change.

J Dilla

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Daily Dose of L

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This weekend was craaaazy! And it kind of rolled into Monday.

On Friday I went to an event at Clarendon Park in Chicago. It was like a small piece of hip hop heaven. A community group called Kuumba Lynx provides a hip hop education and awareness program for students in the neighborhood. I used to run a kids program in Ohio and I wish I could have had something like this to get them involved in. They had grafitti artwork displayed that kids had done. There were kids break dancing. It was just one of things that if you missed it, you missed it. It was very cool and I had a chance to meet some people. It was really a refreshing reminder that this isn’t all about making money. It’s about doing it because you love to do it and because it’s fun…who took the fun out of hip hop?

So Rock The Bells was insane. They have a second stage at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Tinley Park (IL). That was nuts because you are like 10 feet from the stage. When we first got over there, M.O.P. was killing it. I have never felt that type of energy at a concert before. Oh and by the way… I MET KRS ONE!!!!! That’s like an aspiring director meeting Scorcese. And on top of that he was cool as hell.

I gave beat CDs to damn near everybody but the highlight was being able to hand them to the GZA, M.O.P., Supernatural, KRS One and Murs. And one of those white guys who looks really important in hip hop (You know what I’m talking about…hahaha).

On top of all of that, at the last minute, I came back to Chicago for Mixtape Mondays at Exedus II. Big shot out to them as they continue to provide a forum for artists, however they should think about changing the format. General shut it down with me as his hype man but it took so long to get to round 2 that we had to beat it around 12:30.

Look for new videos from me this week. Also the mixtape is out. It’s called Hip Hop Loves Soul Volume I. Jason will have it available for download this week but you can download it now for FREE on my Myspace.


P.S. WTF was going an at the BET awards? I understand all the Michael Jackson tributes even though it seemed to be a bit much at times, but why did Beyonce sing Ave Maria? Why was Young Money’s performance poor? I know Drake tore his ACL but Weezy is usually better than that. Why did they let Don Cornelius go on like your grandpa was talking?

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Daily Dose of L

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My deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Michael Joseph Jackson.

Michael Jackson was one of my earliest musical experiences in life. He was an outstanding dancer and superb overall performer.

He will be missed…

Michael Jackson

As I type these words I am burning CDs to hand out tomorrow at an event in Clarendon Park in Chicago being hosted by KRS ONE. Check that out here: Then on Saturday J and I will be at Rock The Bells. We got backstage passes so hopefull we can pass out some CDs there too. This is definitely a grind…but I love it…

Here is a random quotable. One of my favorite verses:

“Black Thought the super lyricist, your arch-nemesis
Still with the Punisher, that’s my accomplice
Stressin’ to emcees how they don’t really want this
Electrifying shit his excellency Thought spit
These cats they sentimental such with a gentle touch
Dancin’ double dutch and all sayin’ nothin’ much
My sound wave liftin’ your chin up like uppercuts
New found ways of rippin’ shit up, I de-ve-lop
Your squad chest swell up, still you’re mini-ay-ture to me
Nature-ally I bring the extremity
Musically intense with the globe in suspense
Contemplatin’ where the world traveler been since
The Roots bless you with a strong record, long like a epic
Immerse you in some ‘ol next shit, ill poetic
Thought from Illadelph somethin’ like nothin’ else
My talk stomp like elephants upon every elf, cause…what…”

Black Thought from Big Punisher’s Superlyrical


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