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Posted in Daily Dose of L with tags , , , , on September 1, 2010 by letterlbeats

I wanted to take some time to say thank you and to show appreciation to Jim Bond, a producer who runs If you check the right hand side of this site, you will find his site listed as one of our favorites. I just made a beat making tutorial in Reason 4 on my new joint called “The Movies” (video below). As it happens, just opened up their BABP TV section. I emailed Jim and asked him to post the video and he said he would. But not only that, he was just a cool enough dude to exchange emails with me and converse about beat making. I am finding that you can get a long way in this business just by being cool with people. He saw that people were clicking onto his site from ours and he appreciated it.

In addition to showing that love, I also wanted to direct people to read his interview with Frank Dukes, a veteran producer who put in WORK! I think all beat makers and producers can learn something from this article.

A Suitcase Full Of Vinyl: The Frank Dukes Interview