Daily Dose of L


YOUNG GENERAL: We were put in touch with Twone Gabz by Javin, Mikkey’s manager. He said, “It’s a nice song, and I think Twone would be a good guy to get on it.” Because we wanted to get some official Chicago guys on it.

What of Twone’s work had you heard at that point?

Dog, you don’t understand. All these beat battles and stuff like that… I had been at Twone Gabz’s beat selection party, where producers came and brought beats for him to listen to for his new album. And it was stacked in there. That’s how I linked up with Omega Supreme and a bunch of other different producers, because for me, it’s like (makes “easy” sound.) Remember Coming to America and the Black Awareness Rally? When they had all the woman up there? You know, “There’ll be some good, clean girls over here.” (Laughs.) Whatever Akeem doesn’t pick, I’m taking home with me! I’ll take the leftovers at the Black Awareness Rally.

That’s how I felt going to the Twone Gabz beat selection party. I’m like, “You’re telling me it’s just going to be guys playing hot beats, and he’s going to pick three or four out of the thirty or forty that get played?” I’ma be like, “Yeah, we need to get that guy’s information right there.” I’ve known about Twone – he had a big song a while back called “Bully.” He’s got a new album coming out. Twone’s been doing this forever. He’s been doing mad shows. I knew he would be official for it.

Read the full story @ readjack.com and listen to the track “White Sox Fitted” HERE

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