Daily Dose of L

Hip hop,

I don’t know what else can be said about letterLbeats.com’s favorite lady of soul Teena Marie, but she and I have done it again with a beat I call Make Me. The sample is from her 1979 Motown release Wild and Peaceful. The name of the song is Turnin’ Me On.

I hadn’t made a beat in over a week so I was pleased with this one. This is where I really feel like I make a connection with 9th Wonder. It’s not only a good selection of chops to use, but it’s a unique pattern.


I listen to and read damn near every interview that 9th does. So many old school folks say that sampling and chopping is not an art or it’s not really making music. But 9th makes a good point: in order to chop correctly, you have to understand chord progression. There are some pieces of a chop that must be included and that must be in the right place for the song to sound right. If you chop an 8 bar intro into 16 pieces, every fourth piece should still be fourth when you play the chopped sample, even if the other pieces are re-arranged.

Please get familiar.



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