Daily Dose of L

Good Friday Hip Hop…in fact it’s the first Friday blog entry of the new year which means (drum roll please) it’s time for the first Top 5 Friday of 2010!

Usually I talk about something music related here but it’s almost February and I am thinking about the NBA dunk contest already. Here are my Top 5 Dunks of All Time:

5. John Starks baseline on Bulls

“Ain’t nobody in the Chi got this much face time/
Naw, not since John Starks went baseline.”

4. Darryl Dawkins Shatters Backboard

Chocolate Thunder.

3. Dr. J at The Spectrum

Something this classic is hate proof.

2. Michael Jordan Free Throw Line Dunk

There will only be one.

1. Vince Carter 2000 Olympics

I hope the guy he dunked has long since retired.


1. jordan hicks
2. jackson jeffcoat
3. honda recall
4. donnie simpson
5. oscar de la renta
6. donnie simpson morning show
7. ipad review cnet
8. steve buyer
9. sigma gamma rho
10. rey maualuga
11. melinda gates
12. adam dell
13. susan lisovicz
14. usher and chili back together
15. kurt warner press conference
16. obama in baltimore
17. kansas day
18. toyota recall list 2010
19. national lady gaga day
20. nashville weather



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