Daily Dose of L

What up Hip Hop,

Happy Monday, I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. This is your boy Jason G aka JGAR. Its been too long since my last post. I wanted to give you an update on our progress. I have been pushing music full time for about a month now and feel like I’ve accomplished more in a month than I have in the last 6. The past month has really been a focus on organization. We are setting goals and deadlines to get projects done. Getting shows booked is also high on the agenda. Now that we have a finished product, we are ready to get the music out there and really create a solid following.

The show at Enclave on Friday was a huge success! This charity event for Haiti raised a lot of money through donations. We also got the chance to network with other up and coming artists in Chicago. We are back in the studio tonight to finish a couple more tracks for the mixtape. On Wednesday the 27th, G is performing at The Chicago Performing Arts Theater. We also have a show twice a month at U.S. Beer Co. starting in February.

That’s all for now. More updates coming soon. Check out this hilarious video on Record Label budgets.


1. sarah and vinnie suspended
2. nancy kerrigan
3. salvador cabanas
4. bedazzled game
5. leslie west
6. haiti earthquake disaster
7. chemical ali hanged
8. bubble wrap appreciation day
9. peter cooper village
10. mark kerrigan
11. invatec
12. gary coleman mugshot
13. albert wolsky
14. james mitchell all my children
15. dr. lara embry
16. beau biden
17. shannon price
18. palmer cortlandt
19. phosgene
20. minneapolis star tribune


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