Daily Dose of L

Good Wednesday Hip Hop.

Please let Tiger Woods deal with his home life in private. Stop monitoring his house and tracking his day to day movements,

Now, off the soap box.

When I’m making beats I love to snack. I go through phases where I eat the same things for like two straight weeks. First there was a Hennessy and blunt phase but then I realized I couldn’t get completely faded every night and drunk beats sounded bad. Then there was the Sabritones movement. These things are like pork rinds only better because it’s puffed wheat instead of dried pig skin so they are healthier. Then they are coated in a spicy lime seasoning that is literally finger licking good. After that I got into Blue Diamond Smokehouse almonds. I like salt. For like two months I was hitting up Taco Bell on the regular around 1am. Now I’m gone off these David’s Ranch sunflower seeds.

I like to recognize good Hip Hop resources, especially when they are relevant to what I do. Good looking out on XXL’s part for their December/January double issue when they published their 1st Annual One Hune’d (hundred) list. It’s the top 100 Hip Hop websites. I hope we can find LetterLBeats.com there one day.

Love you Hip Hop. One.

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