Daily Dose of L

Good early morning hip hop…

It’s 4:00 CST exactly as I begin this blog entry in the early hours of Monday morning. I have been making beats almost every waking hour since Wednesday night. I am finally taking a moment to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I am bumping my new joint called English. Very smooth. I went all over the place on this last set. I jumped a lot back and forth from soulful to commercial. What a lot of people don’t understand about making beats is the mundane tasks required that aren’t associated with the creative process. From loading sounds, to converting files to saving (I’ve been double saving as a back up but I’m about to switch over to saving in triplicate). That takes up like 30% of the time I spend making a beat. Anyway. I have a cramp in my mouse hand.

I was in the process of sending Jason this last beat. I opened my Yahoo! mail and they have those little web news bits. They had a funny piece about the worst video games that were made into movies. Double Dragon was number one. Also on the list was Super Mario Bros. which I enjoyed. They were spot on about the DD movie, but that video game was soooo raw. I remember in like ’86, my cousin took me to the arcade (remember those?) and I fell in love with that game. First of all the music was sick. Lever to me as a beat maker to remember the music to a video game. At that time there was no game like that where you just roamed around whoopin’ ass on some hand to hand combat type shit.

Anyway…this entry finds me still waiting for Young General to finish his album….
I’m sure Jason will post some of the new ones…Jason, give the people something special for Thanksgiving.

P.S. I was just reviewing the keywords and I came across “Devin Hester Moon.” I thought I was losing it when I turned away from the computer and I saw the end of a slow motion replay during the Bears vs. Eagles game of an ass being exposed. They rank them in order of search popularity and it was like 22 on the list. I guess there was a lot going on last night.

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