Daily Dose of L

Good Thursday Hip Hop!

I am a humble beat maker. I’d like to think that I show flashes of musicianship but I am by no means a musician. In this business, no matter how the climate has changed, talent cannot be denied.

At this time I must pay homage to a musician. Watch this:

In other http://www.LetterLBeats.com news, Jason and I met with Young General a couple of nights ago to get some dates solidified. It looks to be a very productive couple of months coming up. He and Jason will be taking a trip to L.A. to capitalize on some networking opportunities. That’s why I hired Jason. Things like that are not my cup of tea. I just love making beats but I hate promoting myself. It goes against my nature.

Other than that, not much popping. I’ll get with you again in a few days hip hop.

Here a taste of last week’s lab work




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