Daily Dose of L

This is the fifth entry in a series that will review every track on Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 album.

“And if you listen hard enough I say some things”

As I begin this fifth entry about Jay-Z’s collaboration effort with Young Jeezy entitled Real As It Gets, I can’t help but feel like the album is losing steam. I could definitely be wrong because I don’t listen to the radio that often and I don’t watch 106 & Park because it comes on during the 5pm broadcast of Sportscenter. According to BallerStatus.com, he has surpassed the 900,000 albums sold mark which is a monumental accomplishment in today’s music market, let alone hip hop. He has gone nearly platinum in less than four weeks.

Roca-Wear Retreat

The song Real As It Gets is another good solid effort. This was a particular point in the album where I felt like they were going for the status quo as opposed reaching for something unique. The beat reminds me of Maybach Music. It’s that “New South” sound that aims for a grand, epic sounding record in the same vein as producers like DJ Toomp and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. The record was done by The Inkredibles, are a production duo from Richmond, Virginia, who have had a taste of almost every new artist from the South in the last 2 years plus credits for Fat Joe, Mary J. Blige, Lloyd, Akon, Trey Songz and everyone else in between.

Producer's Edge

Lyrically the song finds Jeezy saying more with less when usually he’s saying less with less. I like the line that says, “You know I keep that 47, Uday Hussein,” which is a reference to Uday Hussein, son of Saddam, who had a youtube video of himself shooting off an AK-47 assault rifle.

Lyrically the song finds Jay-Z letting Jeezy shine (he’s been known for doing this since Renegade on Blueprint 1 with Eminem) but still tossing out effortless gems like, “Set sail, I used to duck shots but now I eat quail.” Go ahead and marinate on that one for a minute.

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