Daily Dose of L

This is the fourth entry in a series that will review each track on Jay-Z’s new Blueprint 3 album.

“I can make Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can”‘

Blueprint 3

Next up on the record is Empire State of Mind featuring Alicia Keys. I feel bad reviewing the tracks so soon after the release of the album because as I am hearing the songs in different settings and as I hear them more and more, some of them are starting to grow on me. I didn’t watch the original airing of the MTV Music Video Awards when they ended the show with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys doing this song (and that strange incident with Lil Mama). I finally saw it earlier this week and that made me listen to the song with a new set of ears. Lyrically he really captured the essence of NYC. The unique thing about it is that he captured it from all angles and as multicultured as the city is, all New Yorkers should be able to relate to this song in some way.

Sonically the record is very big. It has a big band sound and Alicia Keys has that classic Broadway style voice that puts it over the top. I just found out that there is a sample in it from The Moments’ Love On a Two Way Street. It wasn’t listed in the credits of the album or at least I didn’t see it when I read them. This is definitely top 3 on the album and Jay did his thing as usual.

Lil Mama

I don’t Think Lil Mama was supposed to be up there…wtf?

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