Daily Dose of L

This is the second in a series that will review each song from Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3.

The second song on the album called Thank You. Ever since American Gangster–maybe even Kingdom Come–Jay has had a more refined style in the tradition of a black Rat Pack; tuxedos, expensive rare drinks and even more rare locales (on wax and in real life).
This second song on the LP finds him in that same mode with lines like, “Now I’m balcony, opera, black Tux, binocula, black luxe, stop it I shouldn’t be so popular.”

Jay-Z Tuxedo

The beat is, in my opinion, the best on the entire album which bumps Pharrell’s Ambitious and Timbaland’s Venus Vs. Mars. This is another Kanye/No ID venture and they murdered it. It sounds like they took a clip of Joe Pesci saying, “You’re a wiseguy,” from Goodfellas and low ended it (flitered out the high frequencies) and looped it in the hook which comes out craaaazy! The horns are loud and bright and sonically crisp. The drums bang. They bang. I don’t know how they are doing these things but I’d love to have access to their engineers.

Overall probably one of the best joints on the record. I listened to it for like two days straight.

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