Daily Dose of L

Warning: If you are not a producer, the following may be really boring

Letter L Chosen To Beta Test Propellerheads Record

As I have mentioned before, I primarily use Propellerheads’ Reason 4.0 to create 99% of my beats. There are two things about this program that are unique. The first is that it is fully self contained. On most Digtal Audio Workstations (DAW) you have to buy Virtual Synthesizers or VST’s separate from the program that serve as your sound modules. Reason already has these built in. You can purchase Refills which add sounds to their modules but what they have built in the program works just fine. The second thing that makes the program unique is that you can not run any outside “thru” audio in the program. For example if I wanted to add vocals or play a guitar over my beat, I’d have to sample it and put it in the program as opposed to Recording it straight into the program.

I have been chosen by Propellerheads to beta test their new software called Record. It will allow me to bring in outside audio. Basically it gives me a lot of Pro Tools capabilities but I am still familiar with the interface because I have been using Reason for over a year.

Please don’t forget to download the mixtape over to the right.

I’ll find out on Monday if I got accepted into the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle.



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