Daily Dose of L

I’m sitting here staring at this O’Jays record. It’s called the The Year 2000. I got a sample from it last night. These brothers are wearing leisure jumsuits. WTF? I love soul music. It seems like that love has developed over the last year and a half since I began producing. However, I think it’s always been there but I just didn’t know it. It seems like sometimes people forget that hip hop is an extension of R&B. And I don’t mean R&B after the New Jack Swing era where hip hop and R&B were fused permanently. I mean that hip hop is the descendant of Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, Natalie Cole, Curtis Mayfield, Minnie Ripperton, Ohio Players…I love lists like these; they can go on forever and every one I name is just as perfect as the one before.

We’re trying to get everything together for the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle. Since last year I’ve had this in the back of my mind. I entered and didn’t get selected. I knew for certain one song that I was going to enter. You have to submit three. Jason never really heard of it until I told him about it for this year. This event is interesting because it’s the second time it’s come around since I began making beats. The 2009 edition basically can be a litmus test to my growth as a producer. Not to be dramatic but if I don’t get selected again, it’s basically like my skills haven’t grown in the last year.

Hopefully J will have those free drum loop packs posted for download. I always look out for fellow producers. I know how it is. Be sure to check out my favorite websites over to your right. I don’t just recommend anybody’s site.

Hip Hop Love Soul


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