Daily Dose of L

Good evening ladies and gentleman…

I’m gone off that Foster’s right now…but I’m feeling real breezy

I just sat here and smashed some chicken wings while I was listening to this loop I made. I have to try and make a beat without a MIDI controller. You know why? Because my son threw a ball and knocked over a bottle of pop on my Akai MPK49. The producers out there reading this are cringing right now…damn, I just realized that I got chicken grease all over the keys…f*ck…it’s all bad.

I am trying to remain in good spirits. I do have a little extra cash and I can grab some keys off eBay. Shots out to my boy DG for letting me borrow the MPD…nothing happens without pads…at least that’s my perspective as a producer.

R.I.P. Chuck Daly…’92 Dream Team

This beat is crackin I just have to add a little more to it.

I am watching the Nuggets v. Mavs game 5. If Mark Cuban would’ve talked to my mom like that I would have whooped his a$$. Even Chris Webber said on TNT, “You can’t even point at my momma like that.”

It’s almost Friday, kind of. I can’t wait to get to Chicago this weekend. Shots out to Eric Yoder at Horse Drawn Studios. Getting an 8 hour session in on Saturday with Young General.

Let’s get it!


P.S. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

P.P.S. Colgate, Dodge, DIRECTV, Geico, Yankees, Budweiser, Nike, Superman, Sony, Coca Cola, VIBE, Doritos, Goodyear, Disney, Motorola, Energizer, Yamaha, Blackberry, Twitter, RCA, MTV, Ellen, Jordan, Notre Dame, Tupac, MSNBC…Google get at me!


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