Daily Dose of L

“Dear summer…we’ll be reunited and it feels so good”

I can feel that summer time energy and I’m looking forward to spending the next three weekends in Chicago. I need to get out of the studio and do the thing that fuels music: live!

I might drive around Maywood for an hour just because. I might get on the train for no damn reason at all. I need to hear what’s bumpin from the stereos, what’s making people move.

I just got this feeling after reading TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE PRODUCERS. It made me think about the best summers…’87, ’88, ’89, ’92, ’96, ’03, ’06. Just in reading what they said and some of the songs that they talked about and the feeling that those songs gave me and the realization that as a producer I have the kind of power that can imprint the memory of an entire season for the rest of their life. That’s why I love making music.

Top 10 favorite summer anthems of all time:

1. Somethin For The Honies–Montell Jordan
2. Lean Back–Fat Joe
3. Keep Their Heads Ringin–Dr. Dre
4. I Wish–Skee-Lo
5. Regulators–Warren G & Nate Dogg
6. Fight The Power–Public Enemy
7. Poison–Bel Bive DeVoe
9. Money Ain’t A Thang–Jermaine Dupri & Jay-Z
10. Hay–Crucial Conflict

**Bonus–He’s Mine (Remix)–Mokenstef

My new self annointed summer anthem is my joint called Slow Burn….yes it’s an instrumental…but it still gives you that feeling.




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